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Personal Life

It’s interesting that you’ve found your way to this page, as there really isn’t a lot to say about me. I live a boring life in the small town of Denton, NE (current population 189), which is approximately 15 miles away from the center of the thriving medium-sized metropolis that is Lincoln, NE (born and raised). I am a veteran of the United States Air Force, a husband, and a fur-daddy of a spoiled rotten Norwegian Elkhound named Lana.


When I’m not at work, I love spending time with my family, cheering on all Nebraska sports (Go Big Red), working on cars (ex-auto technician prior to my IT career), playing all types of sports (volleyball and golf currently), or just chilling at home and being lazy.

Professional Life

I am passionate about all things IT. My background started in Networking/Linux in the US Air Force and very rapidly evolved into the management and cloud automation space. My post-military career included several contracting/sub-contracting gigs with the DoD. Following that, I spent five years as an Architect at Red Hat in this space and decided that I was interested in seeing the next big thing, which is now Kubernetes. I am currently fulfilling a role as a Senior Cloud Native Field Engineer at VMware.